The 2021 Vintage

The winter showed its cold side and the spring was also very cool. The bud burstof the vines began only in the second half of April and thus it was already clear in the spring that there would be a late harvest.

The very cool weather continued until the end of May. Accordingly, the main flowering in the second half of June was also relatively late. The following summer months of July and August were characterized by warm but not hot conditions, making them ideal. The precipitation situation throughout the growing season can also be described as good.

Unfortunately, we were hit by another hailstorm at the end of July. This was significantly earlier and also not as intense as the year before. With a few exceptions, our Grüner Veltliner vineyards weathered the storm well. In the case of Riesling, the damage was unfortunately much greater and the harvest quantity for this variety is correspondingly low.

The main harvest this year was in October and we were able to bring in our grapes in picture-book weather. Such perfect weather conditions throughout the harvest have not been seen for a very long time, so each vineyard could be harvested exactly on point.

The style of the 2021 wines directly follows the 2020 vintage. Thus, the wines present themselves even more elegant, tighter and more precise than in the previous year, but at the same time they are complex and multifaceted. Stylistically, they are reminiscent of outstanding vintages from the 1990s. Thus, the 2021 vintage once again has the best prerequisites for a high shelf life.